This growing directory includes consultants who provide a variety of services to New York-based media arts organizations and artists. To search by the type of services provided, expand the "Search + Filter" window to the left. 

Please note, the following individuals have been reviewed for basic eligibility appropriate to media arts consulting.  NYSCA does not recommend or endorse these resources otherwise. 

To request that information be added to this list, or to request a revision to the information currently included, please contact Wave Farm's Media Arts Grants (MAG) program: mag[at]

  • CultureHub  New York

  • Lee Azzarello  Series Digital,  New York

  • Yona Backer  Third Streaming Advisory Services ,  New York

  • Peter Berry  Supercosm,  Washington

  • Howie Chen and Andrew Lampert  Chen & Lampert,  New York

  • CollectiveAccess  Whirl-i-gig,  New York

  • Erin Donnelly  Independent Consultant,  New York

  • Kevin Duggan  Independent Consultant,  New York

  • Roger Getzoff  Cinema Technology Services,  New York

  • Harvestworks  New York

  • Athena Christa Holbrook  Independent Consultant,  New York

  • Andrew Ingall  Pandamonium Productions,  New York

  • Paula Manley  Paula Manley Consulting,  New York

  • Steve Masur  Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard LLP,  New York

  • Donna Hardwick  On and On Marketing & Communications,  New York

  • Doug Sauer, CEO  New York Council of Nonprofits, Inc. (NYCON),  New York

  • Sharan Sklar  Sklar Media,  New York & California

  • Dylan Skolnick  Cinema Arts Centre,  New York

  • Maria Venuto  Standby Program,  New York

  • Dolly Turner  The Turner Group,  New York